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Monday, March 16, 2015

Fresh Produce in Season

Fresh Produce in Season:

When it comes to produce, a worthy goal is to buy healthy fresh produce in season at a good price.  When in season produce is at its best quality and available at its best price.  

In just a few days we will be beginning spring.  Here is my list of in season spring fruits and vegetables:

Spring Vegetables

Artichokes                            Collard Greens                             Red Leaf Lettuce
Arugula                                 Fennel                                          Rhubarb
Asparagus                             Fiddlehead Ferns                         Snow Peas
Belgium Endive                    Green Beans                                Spinach
Broccoli                                 Jicama                                         Spring Greens
Butter (Bibb) Lettuce            Mustard Greens                           Sugar Snap Peas
Cauliflower                            Pea Pods                                     Vidalia Onions
Chives                                    Radicchio                                    Watercress

Spring Fruits:

Apricots                                 Limes                                          Pineapple
Grapefruit                              Mango                                        Strawberries
Honey Dew                           Oranges

Fruits and Vegetables to Buy Organic:

These fruits and vegetables tend to retain chemicals from the growing process.  Wherever possible buy these Organic:

Butter (Bibb) Lettuce             Red Leaf Lettuce                         Strawberries
Collard Greens                      Spinach

Fruits and Vegetable to Eat Often:

These fruits and vegetable tend to be particularly nutritious.  Eat them often:

Arugula                                    Collard Greens                           Vidalia Onions
Asparagus                                Mustard Greens                          Watercress 
Broccoli                                   Red Leaf Lettuce                         Honey Dew
Butter (Bibb) Lettuce              Spinach                                        Strawberries
Cauliflower                             Spring Greens

So.....Eat up!  Enjoy!  I'll show you how.

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